Ecco picks SB Printer for Wrap

A resounding "WOW" can be heard when Fred Couples blazes down the road lounging in his Adirondack chair, wearing his ECCO golf shoes, staring back at you. 

Taking a break from his golf round, he "kicks" back on the fairway in a comfortable pose showing off his stylish shoes, while on the flip side, people see Fred smacking a ball down the fairway, or is it down the freeway?

This fun Sprinter Van was taken from a concept sent to, and then developed by, Grayphics in order to fit the design onto a large vehicle. We printed and then installed the graphics after being selected from any number of shops throughout the United States.

The New Hampshire based ECCO USA waited for the traveling van to hit California, specifically Santa Barbara, in order to get the best wrap possible developed, printed, and installed by our internationally acclaimed team of professionals.

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